28 Oct 2009


    Hey below this post is a vid that i would love for you to watch.

    I feel as if i’ve been in the great city of New York for like a million days lately, which means i’m super busy with press and such, but it also means i get to eat tons of great food with great people.

    The video below is from a lunch i went to with a dude names simply “the rev”. This guy is such a killer guy and in the last day or so has imparted so much wisdom to me in the world of burgers. I truly went into this lunch knowing i like burgers, but not really having any clue about how many burger joints there truly are, and about how many people study and love this type of food.

    The rev is a great knowledge on the subject/subjects of all things burger, and you have the luxury with the aid of the world wide web to pick his brain: www.burgerconquest.com

    I’m so overwhelmed by this city and all it is. I mean every street, every neighborhood has its own feel and culinary “vibe”. I almost feel that with fine dining in this city you can never lose, but i think the real gem in this city is the “dives”, the “street meat” carts and diners. Simple food being done the same way it has for years.

    Eat you way around this city it’ll blow your mind, oh and watch the vid the rev is nuts!

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