14 Aug 2009

    rolly polly food

    So i guess i’m in a pickle. I went to phenominal sushi here in vancouver b.c., and i’m torn. Do i know enough about sushi to put it into a blog? Am i educated enough on the art of asian cuisine to put it into legible type? Probably not, but hell i’m gonna try.

    Okay a general rule of thumb when looking for a sushi joint: The dives are NOT always bad. The bad thing is you have to go to find out what is good and bad. I personally grew up eating fish, and a good gauge when consuming seafood is to smell it. If it smells “fishy” its in bad shape. Now be clear on this,good seafood smells like the ocean NOT like catfood. There is a distinct and important difference. I mean fish is fish, but when its strong and fishy you got to run cause seafood poisoning will having you hugging father porcelain for a dang long time. Trust me.

    When going to consume sushi the establishment should smell good,not like pike’s place fish market in seattle. Like i said before “dive” sushi joints are often times delicious, you just gotta try. There is nothing worse than paying out your sock for the crazy, ritzy joints that have more glitz and glam than quality.

    Tonight we went to a place per advice from our hotel concergie. It was about a ten block walk down the street in beautiful vancouver, which by the way has some of the freshest seafood around. The place was called ” oysi oysi ” the hotel dude told us it was, “big portions for cheap” my ears perked at that and away we went. We walked in and to be honest it was not anything to be desired. There were no propane fueled fire pots flickering to the tune of sade. It wasn’t one of those joints where every waitress iseyeing you and were they wear the perfectly scant dress to make you buy more sake. It was wooden decor, really sparse cheap japanese paintings and little cups of warm green tea waiting on you.

    After we were seated they handed us our menus which to be honest were really cheap, modest looking things with only a few dining options. Now i know this all sounds bad, but right when we walked in i knew it was gonna be good. There was a tank with live fresh crab and an open kitchen. Usually when they let you watch them cook, its the real deal. Not always , but usually.

    They took our order which was the typical japanese sushi fare. Spicy tuna rolls, soft shell crab rolls, and hamachi ( yellow tail ) nigiri. The waiter as i ordered yellow tail, uttered a very satisfied, ” oh the yellow tail is great today.” Now at this point all worry was gone, when the wait staff is excited about the product you are usually in great shape.

    I wanna be clear, this stuff was not only good, but spectacular. Every bite was the freshest, perfect consistency. The rice was not to sugary or vinegary, it was pure fresh, succulent sushi genius.

    All this to say. You have to adventure in sushi eat-out-ism to find the best stuff. Tonight we found a place that took pride in their food. It was perfect. Get out there and look, you’ll find greatness.



    nah, i can’t attempt sushi, not just yet

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