23 Aug 2012


    Ever been handed something that you felt you didn’t deserve? Ever been to the edge of worry and back and realized that the worry just muckered up your mind an was really on just a temporary illness that was a proverbial roadblock to stop your productivity.

    Nine months ago my bride Jamie and I we handed the beautiful life that is Joel Gillespie. Having a baby is such a weird thing, you watch your wife struggle and struggle and then watch her receive the most massive grace as life itself is given to you. It was in that moment I felt the largest most overwhelming feeling of love and also concern.

    When you have a child there is no instruction manual, there is simply just this, ” here is your human take him/her home and be careful not to endanger this life in anyway, even though you have no clue what to do”. It really is the strangest thing. This life, this heart, it grows because funny and loving and needy and and all these emotions are directed at you. Right at you.

    I find so often as a parent I worry, worry about my sons health, or his eating, sometimes I even find myself worrying ant nothing really at all, just worrying for like then sheer sport of it. It’s sick really.

    Worry is something that in our world,in this day and age it has almost become like an emotion, a normalcy. It had become a feeling that we are so accumstomed to that we have forgotten its wrong, it’s not the way were made to live. Free

    Webster dictionary says that, “freedom is the opposite of slavery”. True actual, freeing freedom is only found in Jesus, and true freedom is communion with God. Jesus says in John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
    He is the only way to freedom. All worry, all shame, all fear has been replaced by grace (2 Timothy 1:7)

    I wanna say this today. You are free to walk away from worry. Christ paid the price for that already. He has a plan and purpose for us. (Jeremiah 29:11) even if we don’t see it.

    Yes we will struggle
    Yes life is sometimes crazy
    Yes we live in crazy times
    YES his grace is enough

    22 Jan 2012

    There is a fever in my soul for you
    Only your presence will heal
    Only your love will bridge the gap of apathy I have created
    Only your truth is the cure
    Only your truth is the cure
    Only your truth is the cure

    25 Dec 2011


    Merry Christmas friends…. So thankful for. All of you

    So thankful that today we celebrate the birth of the saviour of the world.

    Gotta go, turkey calling


    21 Dec 2011


    Maybe you have seen this phrase on my twitter the last week or so. I want to write a few words here in my blog explaining what this means and asking you for a helping hand on behalf of a friend and his minstry.

    About a year ago I met a dude named bryant underwood through a mutual friend. I meet people quite a bit ya know, but I knew upon bryant and I’s first meeting God had plans for us.

    Bryant has been touring full time with me for a year presenting a gospel message every night and following up with the pastors with no income other than what support he has been easing on his own. I have never met a person who’s been so instrumental in my on tour ministry.

    As of last month bryants funding ended.
    I am asking you to visit a new site we created and ask God what you can do to help bryant spread the gospel through traveling with me. He is responsible for his own travel and personal funds

    Anything helps. Even one single dollar.

    Please visit


    2 Dec 2011

    Day shift

    Day shift

    1 Dec 2011


    We look at our lives so often and wonder what we can do to fix them? Why do I feel this way? Why is it takin so long for my heart to heal? How come my ship hasn’t come in?

    Recently I was reading and stumbled across this verse, I never realized it was there and I am happy I found it.

    Consider what God has done:
    Who can straighten
    what he has made crooked? (Ecclesiastes 7:13 NIV)

    We are made the way we are supposed to be made. We go through the things we go through for a reason. Sometimes things make no sense, sometimes they hurt, but I believe with all that I am that God has a plan and a purpose (Jeremiah 29:11) and we need to try as hard as we may to stick to that.

    Be blessed,

    29 Nov 2011


    I’m headed to the homeland this weekend for a few days. My mom is from a tiny town right outside of Chattanooga, tn and I’ve got four worship nights there next week!!!

    Check it! Be there!!!

    Sunday December 4th
    NuNation at City Church starts at 6 pm
    7122 Lee Highway
    Chattanooga, TN 37421
    Free Event

    Monday December 5th
    Student Venture at Middle Valley Baptist starts at 6:48 pm
    7901 Middle Valley Road
    Hixson, TN 3734
    Free Event

    Tuesday December 6th
    Tennessee Temple University Chapel Service starts at 11 am
    1815 Union Avenue
    Chattanooga, TN 37404
    Free Event

    Wednesday December 7th
    The Met at Dallas Bay Baptist starts at 6 pm
    8305 Daisy Dallas Road
    Hixson, TN 37343
    Free Event

    13 Jul 2011


    Fish. Yep fish. I seriously, seriously love fish. I mean like it’s my favorite thing, catching it, cleaning it, cooking it, eating it and definitely for sure, eating it.

    I grew in a tiny coastal town called, clearwater beach, where all types of seafood are more then readily available, it is cheap!!

    Growing up I always saw fish and seafood as a normal thing, it wasn’t something you thought about really, it almost took on this strange normalcy for us floridians, like potato chips, or cream cheese. However in the last few years there has been this seafood “trend”, it has begun to be “fashionable” to eat seafood. It has become almost a statement, a bizarre status quo.

    When I was younger sushi was not really a “popular” or “hip” food, now it is like the modern day spago. All over this great nation there are little hip sushi joints charging twenty-five bucks for a flash-fried, spicy mayo covered roll that really doesn’t taste like the creature that they are naming it after. Why are we masking the taste of fish? Good fish tastes incredible and it is slowly going away. Away? Yes away. Fish is the world’s last source of wild food. We have literally domesticated everything else, we are currently trying hard to farm fish, but we have only gotten five species figured out. Fish are hard to farm due to their elaborate spawning patterns and ever so particular climate preferences.

    Salmon, carp, baramundi (a flaky white fish), tilapia and catfish. These are the species that are somewhat successfully being farmed, but here is the catch: the hippest fish out there right now is tuna, and tuna is getting thin.

    There is nothing like biting in to an unctuous, salty and wonderful piece of tuna nigiri. It is literally one of my favorite pleasures in this life. It is the “steakiest” fish I can think of, it red firm flesh can handle all types of culinary treatment, not to mention it literally is ten times better for you than beef.

    This fish used to be consider by the japanese as “too bloody”. It’s red flesh was not considered, “delectable and delish”, when caught they used to be used for bait, or thrown out. Then the north Americans went to Japan and tasted this thing and realized how wonderful and flavorful it was. Needless to say we all got “hooked”.

    A 1,000 pound blue fin tuna will sell at market in Tokyo for 100,000 to 300,000 dollars! Why you ask? Because we are running out. There is literally no way to farm this fish profitably and safely, but we are fishing for them at an undying rate.

    Cod a fish that most of know simply as,”white fish” used to be as plentiful as grass, but we love fish and chips and are now running out.

    Salmon used to run up north Americas rivers like land rovers on 1-5 in Los angeles, but now you have to travel to Alaska to even spot a few.

    Am I saying to stop eating fish? Absolutely not. Am I saying to only eat farmed fish? That choice belongs to you. I am however saying God blessed us with an amazing world and a wonderful ocean that we can either abuse, or nuture.

    I for one will continue eating and enjoying fish. I just will be a little more delicate with my choices.

    For some amazing further reading see these books:

    Four fish - by Paul greenbubrg Cod - by mark kurlansky


    9 Jul 2011

    Where are we?

    I’m sitting in coach on a flight to Newark, nj as I write this. I’m heavy hearted, I’m blessed and happy, but heavy hearted.

    Someone told me recently that ” the church doesn’t have the bench on offering people hope and help”. It was a dear friend and fellow follower of Christ who told me this. Man, where are we?

    This is by no means meant to be a bunch of words about how we as the church have fallen short and how I’m a young, tattooed minister who has all the answers and formulas on how to get to the ultimate edge of cutting edge ministry.

    I however know a few things. We are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. We are a people that have been called out of darkness and into Christ’s marvelous light ( 1 Peter 2:9 ).

    We have ever reason on earth to be public about this. We have every reason to shout from the rooftops that our God is real, he has won, in Christ all can be free, and YES the church is good, and YES Christ ultimately loves us and is FOR us. (Romans 8:31)

    I feel so guilty that we have almost in many ways run off hurting people from our gatherings, isolated them with a billion questions and ultimately left them try as hard as they can to be ” just like us”.

    Christ came for a broken people (mark 2:17) a people that are hurting, lost and dying, not just in body, but in spirit, in soul.

    I’ll never forget many years ago I was lost and searching, dealing with anxiety to the point of almost being locked in my home, I went to a Christian counselor, whose name I wish I could, but cannot recall, instead of reading me my rights and telling me I was nuts, she prayed for me, was gentle with me and offered me hope that only Christ can bring, but also offered me a real, tangible plan on moving forward in him ( 1 Peter 3:15)

    We’ve gotten stuck on the argument. Whose church is doing it the “right” way, what church is really got it ” all dialed in, and figured out”. We’ve been hurt by church, felt left aside by church and ultimately just sorta given up in alot of ways, but here is the reality.

    The gospel of Jesus Christ is the best, absolute best thing that has ever happened to this world. It is everything, it is hope, freedom, ultimate love and ultimate truth all wrapped up into th perfect person of Christ. We however are called to give it out.

    Jesus said we do even greater things than he did (John 14:12) so where is that! Why are we still arguing over feelings? Why are we still hurting each other? Why are we not going forward in being public with the gospel?

    It is time. Here, now, with immediate attention to go forth and spread ultimate hope, ultimate help in the form of the gospel ( Matthew 28:19)

    I want to look back on our children and their children and believe and know we made Jesus famous, we made his name known, and that we offered ultimate help, release from poverty, release from abuse, release from fear, and sickness all in His name.

    We are gonna have to live for this, die for this, sweat and bleed for this. It is the Gospel, the only truth, everything. Are we ready?

    29 Jun 2011


    Hey, I’m having one of those mornings, the ones where you are craving that unctuous, wonderful breakfast item.

    Then, I got this thought. What If all of you had incredible breakfast recipes?

    I’m talking about family- tried, mama- made good.

    Send em to me!!

    Be blessed, Aaron